Sport & Remedial Massage - Company Message
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What to expect:

All clients must complete a consultation form prior to treatment. At your appointment, a further verbal consultation may be carried out to discuss your condition and needs. 

Sport & Remedial Massage 

Your range of movement and/or your posture may be assessed prior to treatment. The actual treatment will involve deep tissue massage (and passive or active stretching, as required) either locally to an injury site or over a general area such as back, neck, shoulders.


Essential oils are used in a light, relaxing massage applied to the head, neck, back, shoulders, arms and legs. 

Pre and post treatment advice

If having a body massage, please wear appropriate underwear, especially if you are having work carried out on your lower back, hips, gluteal muscles, hamstrings or quadriceps. 

Please tie long hair back/up. 

After your treatment, make sure you drink plenty of water to help flush out any toxins which may have been released from your soft tissues into your bloodstream.  

To book an appointment, please contact me on 07985 703458 or via the contact form on this website.